February 2018
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We are a Think Tank that equips Marketplace Practitioners to explore their Spirituality in a Creative and Disruptive Way.

 (when you are being pushed to do things that are of benefit to the company but that are against principle) Allow

Allow me to set the stage for this article with a scenario from real life. Trading Company XAT promotes June to

On the outset, let me contextualize three terms for purposes of this article. As defined by Sir Ken Robinson, creativity is

During my years in corporate not very long ago, I went through what many of my colleagues dubbed ‘hell on

While undertaking university, I got an internship within an IT company. As it was voluntary, what I agreed to forego

Disclaimer:This blog is like five years old now if not older. The election period is normally rife with prediction and speculation

The Market is a public gallery of exchange of goods and services. This means that participants in the market subscribes

I have been glaring at the white space and tapping my keyboard without writing a word for the last two

According to Dr. Galenson there are two kinds of artists (creatives) a. Conceptual Geniuses and b.Experimental Innovators. The former normally

  Just one thing has got me tripping. -- Amerie These days one hears talk about the marketplace in the strangest places. For

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Welcome to Soko and let us equip you into your most Practical Spiritual and Fulfilling Marketplace Journey.
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The Marketplace is Spiritual. It has Contexts, Plots and determined Spiritual Archetypes with a Mission.