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Giants are slain in the context(s) of our normal daily routines. Slaying Giants is not so different from uprooting Mountains. Giants and Mountains are metaphors that represent great and intimidating entities in our lives. David slew a giant. Shortly after that he departed with a company of disgruntled, desponded, discouraged and distraught men. If you first forward David’s story these men turned out to slay other giants and achieved feats of valor, some of which David had not attained. One giant slayer turned out to raise and lead other odds defying giant killers.

Scripture – 2Sam 23:8 – 39, 1Ch 11:10-47

Three simple ways that Giants and Mountains are dealt with.

  1. The Power of Small Things
  2. The Knowledge of Great Things
  3. The Use of Tried Things

The Power of Small Things

Small things have power. Three things seem to come to mind when small things are mentioned in relation to giant things.

  1. Faith as a Grain of Mustard seedMtt 17:20 – what would make a tiny seed comparatively powerful enough, to uproot a mountain? What is in the smallness of the seed that brings out this power? The only close ingredient sensible to have confidence in small things overcoming giants and mountains is NATURE, the COMPOSITION of the Seed. The seed has an inherent FIAT that mocks and dislodges mountains. Every decision we make or action we take or words we use can be referenced to a seed. These things have a way of gnawing off the presence of giants and mountains. Do not underestimate them. But what is NATURE? Nature is the revelation of origins and self-disclosure. Nature is collaboration between the defined and the definer.

Nature is the composite constitution designed to accomplish coded missions. If I was a seed where would it be conducive for me to be planted, germinate and produce a revolution. Fruitfulness, Multiplication, Subduing and Replenishment is not a mere prescription for Adam it is Definition. The war at your door, yes, every war at your door militates against DEFINITION. A man or a woman with the faintest idea of his/her pedigree is a giant slayer.

A Little Leaven

Leaven is the secret penetrating diffusive power. A)-it is sourced from without (non-conformist). B)-it is secret in its operation (subtle) – penetrating wisdom. C)-it spreads by contact particle with particle. D)-widely diffusive, one particle proportion to many of the floor. E)-it is not like water moistening the floor but like a plant changing particles it comes in contact with into its own Nature. Mtt. 16:6/Mtt 13:33/Lk 13:21 – woman hid. Leaven is the ingredient of giant slayers. They are non-conformist, subtle, wise, and engaging. Their seemingly small steps are designed to produce tectonic effects.

The Tongue

(James 3:4/Mtt 12:36/37, Rom 10:9, Mtt 8:8, Heb 11:3)

The tongue delivers momentum and is Directional. Use your tongue to turn yourself around before you turn everybody else. Words ‘are powerful’ is not complete truth. There are idle words (unemployed). The words that bring Life or Death are fuelled by Meditation. Just say the Word and he shall be healed. Men and women of understanding move masses by casting vision through words. The belief of the heart and confession of the mouth awakens dead spirits – that is spiritual gravity. You are an awakened spirit, you can frame worlds by the things you say and utter.

Case Studies

Napster was an online peer-to-peer music-sharing outfit founded by Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker. Napster was a game changer in an industry of giants and sharks. The major music distribution companies were in deep sleep until a small-unknown online idea floored the offline music companies’ pants down. Napster is never really turned into a credible business but managed to creatively disrupt the Music industry and had the giants rethinking about their business models. The shift brought by Napster had every of those giants filing suits against it for copyright infringement. Napster went down but the Music industry was never the same again. The future had been brought to their doorsteps. Small things can dislodge giants.

Rosa Parks – we all know of Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement in America. Martin was a leader and driver for reformation. But even MLK as he is known by abbreviation admits that one of the tilting points in the struggle came by the stand taken by one Rosa Louise McCauley Parks. Decisiveness – Rosa Parks as she is famously known was asked to give up her sit for a white passenger. She adamantly refused and was arrested. Parks act of defiance triggered the Montgomery Bus Boycott. She was dubbed as an icon of resistance. One simple lady stood against not only a white bus driver but against the whole segregation machinery. Small things can fearlessly defy Giants.


Understand Contexts – Environment and Ecosystem. Eden is an environment what is done in Eden creates an Ecosystem. Ecosystems are interrelations and networks. You are as revolutionary or conformist as those you are networked to and the information you handle. Both Snowden and Assange were privy to information that is sensitive to governments. Simple previously unknown individuals are now being chased around by governments because of what they know or are in custody of – Information. Wedging influence is a function of access to information or people with vital information. Powerful people do not say much because a sentence from their mouths can carry devastating consequences to many. On the other hand with the same measure they can also produce notions that trigger progressive civilizations. When you are in an environment of greatness, how great you become is determined by the ecosystem you engineer in that environment. Sometimes a context is a place for us to discern who has been brought to our door of greatness.

Idea + Environment + Ecosystem = Revolution                                                                                                                             

The Knowledge of Great Things

David came in the Name of the Lord – there is something he knew. He had the knowledge of Great things (or of a great being). We have to move from assumptions, opinions to principles. Principle Thinking makes you wage war intelligently. Principalities fight at the level of Information. Geography hosts economics, economics is governed by politics and politics is governed by spirit. Principality thinkers fight from spirit and therefore have politics, economics and geography to their advantage. David captured Jebus (geography) turned it into a city (economic center) established his throne (politics) and determined to build a temple (spirit).

What is your Knowledge Gate?

Incentive – something bigger than the Giant – what shall be done to the man who slays this giant (that was David’s question) . . . you must look for an incentive that puts the giant in a position of a fight worth engaging in. Ask questions of value not of greed of strategic advantage not of mere clout.

We are Governors of Contexts – deception is manipulation of Information. Who is in charge? How sure are you that you have the vital information to govern your context? Daniel understood by books? Research – royalty is preceded by the discovery of vital governing information (IP, Value, Timing, Sourcing, Inventions). Joseph developed an economic plan. Data mining is the ant gathering for summer. The sluggard is not one who cannot move his body but one who cannot move his mind.

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