How to be Creative – Three Simple Realities – DP Mavia

According to Dr. Galenson there are two kinds of artists (creatives) a. Conceptual Geniuses and b.Experimental Innovators. The former normally thrive and reach their height at a young age and the latter are normally thrive and reach their height at an old age (experienced). CG’s think first and sketch out stuff before producing works while EI’s take an adventure and work their way to a piece of art. But that is for another day.

  1. Let there be Light – God does not allow light to be, so that He can see. He imports light in chaos, so that he can be at home when he creates. Are you at home when you create? Do you have mechanisms of working from a position of rest in the midst of clutter? Let there be light, be easy, ponder a bit, be free and create. Be free and handle chaos.

Environment – The first light in Genesis was an environment. Divine creativity thrives in the environment of light. This light is first spiritual. Its first intention is not to shine more than it is to plug into the zone and dimension of Life. You are a carrier of the Life of God; before you create acknowledge first that you are a Life-Light being. Draw out and ritualize yourself in this environment, by prayer, thinking, meditation, fellowship, scribbling- anything that will make you be conscious of your involvement in the fellowship of the God head. Let there be Light.

Perspective – the first Light is Perspective. Perspective is an angle, slant, seeing through the eyes more than seeing with them. Perspective narrows, isolates, identifies. Perspective is drawn more from Being (who are you) than from Action (what can you do). Creative people see wholes in particulars and particulars in wholes. Adjust your eyes, perceive with your inner man, amplify with your mind and Let there be Light.

  1. Metaphors – are software of thought they are parables. Parables are narratives grounded in experience and carriers of heavy symbolic cargo. Parables compare the spiritual with the natural they are God coming to our level. Mysteries are given, they come by curious progressive growth, and they are us coming to God’s level. Mysteries compare spiritual entities within the spiritual, while metaphors compare the spiritual with the natural. But how are metaphors accessed.

Memory – memories are a third of time. They spring from elements retained from history. What has remained in our system is what we have allowed. What we have allowed can and in many ways define who we have allowed ourselves to be. What memories are wired in your creative process? What have you allowed? What images and words embalm and sign off you work? What dominant icons ice up your art? Do they minister freedom or bondage, life or death, light or darkness?

Imagination – words and images can and do create metaphors of tomorrow. Creativity attacks yesterday, captures today and draws in tomorrow in one blow. Imagination builds more than possibilities, it builds certainties. With imagination wrings of the hand of laziness, divorces excuses and marries discipline. You have not imagined until you have done. The castle for Kings is neither in the air nor in the sand but on the rock. Imagination builds on the rock. Get up and work.

  1. Think Liquid or Wind – Thinking is a constant. You can never say that you are state of non thinking. But thinking also has its manner of flow. Words and music invade our minds without negotiation. Therefore thinking is more of directional than it is protective. That means we are always being bombarded by notions and ideas therefore the function of thinking is to act as a filter and incubator. If we filter in bad ideas and incubate them we beget bad baby ideas. If we filter in creative ideas and incubate we produce creative baby ideas (that is for another day)

Water – water thinking is liquid thinking. It is finds its level. It seeps in, moves slowly and floods slowly by slowly disarming any traditional non progressive ideas. Fill yourself with highly combustible thoughts; be around stimulators who trigger early signals of mind changing concepts. Water fills when you fill yourself with these kind of thoughts and hang around progressive ‘ ideators’ your meditation produces interesting combinations and soon you are flooded with a million options. You begin to see particulars in detail.

Wind – wind is an invader, very subtle. Wind thinking is gliding, it is mapping, you pick a pen and you start doodling, drawing trees of thought as you go. Wind thinking hovers over, waiting for a root idea to settle upon. Wind thinking from a firm foundation can lead you to unexpected destinations. Wind thinking takes upon the risk of purity and will. The pure in heart do wind thinking. The pure in heart see things; they see things to the power of the divine. Wind thinking waits for a construct, a word and when it is spoken, the wind settles and an idea is formed. Wind thinking does not predict the future but creates it.

Go ahead and BE.

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